Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Frosty stitches

Lately my days have been started with my mug of hot lemon watching the sun rise over the far field and watching a Blackbird couple hop around on the neighbours roof.  If I am lucky I also spot my friendly garden Robin as I wish him a good morning!  I love frosty days when somehow everything seems covered in magic.  Whilst others rush coldly past hedgerows, with heads down,  I take out my camera and enter into nature's wonderland.  I never cease to be amazed when I look closely at the frost lining leaves and grasses like glitter.  The last golden wild flowers were holding on and I gasped in delight when I saw the little glass like shapes on the petals!  I spotted a sweet cat hop into a grassy field and tip toed closer to get a photo of him!  

I love coming back to my cosy home, making a warm cup of tea and settling down to some sewing.  I love to make new Ornaments for my Tree each Christmas, they become part of my holiday traditions.  This year I made "Comfort Cottage", I dream of living in a sweet cottage with door in the middle!  I have also designed a Pattern so you can make your own Cottage too, available here in my Etsy Shop. I get so  much joy to know that others enjoy creating from my Embroidery & Craft Patterns.  I was over the moon when the lovely Alicia Paulson purchased this set of Ornament Patterns to make for her little girl's Christmas Tree.  Look at the darling photos she took of them on her Blog.  It really touches my heart to think of these Ornaments becoming part of other family's traditions too.  The beautiful Christmas Markets & lights have started up here in Belgium, one of the great benefits of being an expat!  I'll be sharing more sparkly photos of them as I explore on my Instagram page.