Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring delights

As a child we had a Magnolia Tree in the garden, when I saw this in a Park it took me right back.

Spring is my favourite moment in the year, I love the fresh greens as the little leaves unfurl and the sunshine glows through them as if a bulb has been switched on!  I find myself just staring at this golden light with such amazement and joy.  I love discovering the first little bulbs flowering, like the little Blue Scillas that I lovingly planted in my garden 10 years ago, they have now spread to make a sweet delicate carpet of blue.  They are now being overtaken by Bluebells and Lily of the Valley!  There is a joy I feel picking a small bunch of flowers from my own garden that can never be replaced buying them from a florist, although that is lovely too of course (see those pretty pink tulips I just had to paint!).   The birds have been busily building nests and now I am seeing them with beaks full of worms so I think there could be some baby birds on the way!  At the back of the garden is a field full of the sweetest lambs, I wake and go to sleep to the sound of their baaaa-a-a-a-!  The sunny evenings are the best when they all get playful skipping and charging around the field, never ceases to make me smile!  I have been sewing lots of salad seeds and their little leaves are loving the warm summer like sunshine we have had the last few weeks.  Lots of painting for new designs that I can't wait to share soon.