Thursday, February 27, 2014


Busily working away on some Picture Book ideas and new illustrations for my Shop.  These animals can't wait for me to finish painting their scene!  

The weather is swinging between sunny days full of Spring promise and cold wintery days with wind that stings your face!  Those kind of days are great for painting and stitching new embroidery patterns in the warmth.

My daffodils are out early this year, it's my Birthday tomorrow and normally they are not out by now. This year they are all in full bloom, I picked some this morning to bring them in out of the rain and enjoy them indoors too.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spring Memories

This post is especially for all of those feeling that Spring may never arrive, with snow storms in America and flooding in the UK.  Just last week the Sun encouraged me to wander around my little garden and to my delight I discovered all these sweet treasures!  Even a lone Snowdrop that I had not planted myself!  The birds are busily making nests up high in the Oak Trees, just amazing watching them building it all day long with twigs from the garden that I like to leave for them.

When I was a child we had the most beautiful Cherry Tree full of gorgeous pink blossom in our garden. I would climb right up to the top and sit up there surrounded by flowers, pure heaven!  

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