Wednesday, January 29, 2014


20 hours of hand work and love later and Samuel is here to meet you and look for adoption.  Samuel enjoys listening to piano music and writing poetry about flowers, honey and bees!  However most of all he loves having a hug and listening to your thoughts and dreams.  He will be a dear friend for life.

One of a Kind 18" Artist Bear
Made of the most gorgeous, silky soft Schulte Mohair
Unique hand dyed Teal colour
Soft velvet hand dyed Paw Pads
Black glass eyes with hand shading
Hand Embroidered nose and mouth
5 way Cotter Pin jointed
Filled with polyfibre & plastic pellets for a wonderfully cuddly Bear
Not suitable for young children due to small parts

Adoption details:
185 euros plus registered postage for his journey:
20 euros for UK/Europe & USA/Canada
27 euros for Australia
Payment via Paypal

If you would like to adopt Samuel and make him a part of your family or have any questions then send me an email at

Big Bear Hugs
Catherine & Samuel

Friday, January 24, 2014

Painting A Love Song

I have had such fun painting & creating this new range called "Sing Me A Love Song". You can choose your favourite colours (Sunshine, Heather or Cinnamon) & with text or not.
Now available as Art Prints & a Set of Postcards 

I created these as part of the E-Course The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design that I'm studying. I plan on creating designs to match for Notebooks, Gift Tags and Wrapping Paper.  
I'll add them onto my page on The MOYO Directory, fly along there to visit a wonderfully vibrant exciting place full of inspiring designers.  

Some colours are appearing strangely on my Blog lately (my top Banner should have a white background but is shows up as grey and the central Print here is a warmer yellow rather than green!)
Has anyone else had trouble with their Google Blog lately?

Which would be your favourite colour?

Thanks for letting me Sing you a Song :)

Friday, January 17, 2014


Painting with flowers picked from my garden, they have been flowering all winter so far!

Busy hands and a busy mind as I work on lots of new exciting projects. A new Bear being brought to life in gorgeously silky soft Mohair in a wonderful shade of Teal.  Lots of paintings as part of my Course I'm taking for The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design and drawings for a new range of Art Prints.  This week has been so dark and rainy, instead of getting down I took inspiration and this wee little mouse came to life with his candle to brighten my days, may he brighten your days too.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Take Flight

May all your Hopes & Dreams take Flight this year.
I started my New Year painting freely with some beautiful new Paint Brushes.