Saturday, July 30, 2011

Want do go flying?

Quickly passing by to share with you my latest Embroidery Pattern - Flight of the Teacup, voted by you all as your favourite illustration. I thought this would be cute for christmas projects, I know it's that C word already, but if you're anything like me craft projects and hand made gifts always take longer to find time for than I think. In other colour ways it would be adorable for all year round, we all need to fly away to a magical world now and again!  It is available in my Etsy Shop.

Coming up more of my trip to Winnie The Pooh Country, in the meantime enjoy your weekend, Hugs, Catherine x

Thursday, July 28, 2011

What did you choose?

Thanks so much for the wonderful response to my survey for choosing the next illustrations to be turned into Embroidery Patterns. It has really helped a lot and I have started working on the winning design - Flight of the Teacups. 

Coming in a close 2nd was "Bunnies Love Embroidery too" and then many other designs came in at joint 3rd, so looks like many new Bumpkin friends are going to be stitched up for you all to have fun with :)

Maybe you could help me out again with a wee question - When it comes to Embroidery projects what are your favourite items to stitch onto - Pillows, Quilts, Clothing, Wall Art, other items?  PLUS what kind of fabric do you most like to stitch onto?

More of my English holiday to share soon, Hugs, Catherine xx

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time to get stitching again!

I'm so delighted with how much you have all enjoyed my Embroidery Patterns that I'm now working out which ones to create next and would love your help again.  After all I want to make what you would like :)  So here goes could you let me know in order which would be your top 3 (or more if you can't choose!) as an Embroidery Pattern PLUS do you prefer outline stitched embroidery or filled in designs (or both!)?  As a thank you for your help in 5 days time I will put all your names into a hat and will pick a winner to receive their choice of one of my Bumpkin Embroidery Patterns.  So let the fun begin!

1. Come fly with me

2. Time for an Adventure

3. Very British Bunnies

4. Bunnies love embroidery too

5. Favourite Moments set of 4

6. For the Love of Books

7. Hedgehog Love

8. Merry Band

9. Our Nest

10. Our Story

11. Flight of the Teacup

12. Keeping Cosy

13. Off we go (child's name could be embroidered in flag)

14. Dream Balloon (Initial or age could be embroidered in balloon)

15. Tea Time in the Snow

If you're still with me after all of those THANK YOU :)  Good luck with the Giveaway.  **** Thank you to everyone that joined in, the Giveaway is now closed and Janet of Felt on the Fly is the lucky winner of one of my Patterns. You are still all welcome to keep voting for your favourites. Big Hugs, Catherine x

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Watch out for the Heffalumps!

I know I'm a big kid but I have always loved the Winnie The Pooh stories and so there we were back in England and half an hour away from the famous 100 Acre Wood & Pooh Corner shop! So what is a girl to do, well my lovely fiance agreed and off we set on an adventure in the footsteps of A.A. Milne!  Nestled in East Sussex and I mean so well nestled we couldn't find it, we drove around and around in circles until we felt quite dizzy and needed a cup of tea and honey! First we found the little shop, rather disappointing with not much stock, but a very cute building, just the right size for me to get into at 5foot4! It used to be a sweet shop where Christopher Robin, A.A. Milne's son, was taken every week by his Nanny on their donkey!

It was their adventures into the surrounding woods that captured the imagination of A.A. Milne and E.H Shepard. Can't you just imagine Pooh & friends walking through these landscapes as part of the 100 Acre Wood?

(copyright Winnie The Pooh)

(copyright Winnie The Pooh)

Talking of Bears, there are 2 Bears that are having fun joining in the Christmas in July Sale.  Romeo & Callum would love to go on their own expodition to find a new family, so if you'd like to bring one of them into your life they have got a very special adoption discount, but only for a little while.  They'd love you to visit them over HERE.

On our next expodition together we'll be hunting for the original Pooh Sticks Bridge, would you like to come along, don't forget your sticks, oh and a little something, maybe some honey?!  Catherine x

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roses galore!

I'm back safely from the most wonderful trip back home to England, travelling across Sussex, Dorset and into Devon.  We visited gorgeous gardens nestled in amongst rolling hills, Winnie The Pooh Country, wild ponies on Exmoor & breathtaking coast.  Having taken more than 1000 photos I need to sort through them a bit, but will share a small selection so you too can share in my journey and escape into these worlds for a while.

So to start off we visited Borde Hill in Sussex,  their rose garden full of many David Austin roses was enchanting.  I'll let them talk for themselves!

Now I'm back busy days getting orders out and starting on some new custom projects.  To have some fun I've just launched a Christmas In July Sale in my Etsy Shop, just enter the Coupon Code CIJ2011 at checkout for 15% discount off everything for a short time only! There is also a very special sale on my Bears, go and say hello here. Lots more photos to come soon.  Thanks so much for visiting, It's always a treat to see you. Catherine x