Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pure Magic

I can't believe it's been a week since my last post, the days just whizz by as I'm trying to work on so many different projects and send out orders! I'm on the way to finishing a Commission Bear in pretty pinky apricot alpaca with the cutest floral paw pads! When she is ready I then have another commission Bear to start on for a nice lady in Switzerland. In between I have started on another embroidery for a new pattern (Sweet Dreams Mouse), this will be a fun one with lots of different stitches for all the pillows that she is sleeping on!

All my hope of Spring arriving after one beautiful warm sunny day have been put back a bit with freezing temperatures returning. But I did get to do some gardening and came across the most perfectly formed delicate Snowdrop, all on its own at the edge of the flower bed where I was. Despite loving Snowdrops I have never planted any in my garden so this was an even more magical treat! I dashed in to get my camera so I could capture this moment to share with you all.

I thought you'd enjoy meeting the little Robin that calls my garden his home, making himself comfy on my new cottage bird table!

I'll be back soon with lots to share, thanks for popping by. Hugs, Catherine x

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time for Tea!

Just quickly hopping by to let you all know that my 2nd Bumpkin Embroidery Pattern is finished and enjoying making friends in my Etsy Store. So if you fancy inviting Bunny & Her Teapot into your home for Afternoon Tea I am sure she would be very well behaved, as long as she gets a wee bit of cake to go with the Tea!!

I have been overwhelmed by the response to my Embroidery Patterns, recently being featured on the fabulous "Feeling Stitchy" Blog. You can now choose between Bunny & Her Teacups and Bunny & Her Teapot, or if you just can't separate them then they are available as a special set of 2 patterns. They seem to be hopping rather rapidly out of my Store to their new homes, not even getting a glimpse of their cottontails! So if you go along to visit them and they are not there, then I will be popping them back as soon as I see they are missing ;)

I really can't say a big enough Thank You to all my lovely followers here for your encouragement and support, the Bumpkin Friends and I recently reached 300 Sales at Etsy. See you back soon with lots to share, Catherine x

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Just as I began to think the sunshine would never show its cheery face again today we have bright blue skies and the very first crocuses have opened up as the sun warms their petals! I had to share these with you, yes in this part of the world there is hope, Spring is on its way!

Right back to work, custom bear, embroidery pattern creation, new illustrations being sketched..... Lots to share soon, Catherine x

Friday, February 4, 2011

The winners are......

I can't thank you all enough for voting for your favourite illustrations to be turned into the next Bumpkin Embroidery Pattern. It was a close race with Bunny & Her Teapot just beating the others at the finishing line! She only beat Sweet Dreams by 2 points!
So here is the top ranking!
FIRST - Bunny & Her Teapot

SECOND - Sweet Dreams

Joint THIRD - Bunny & Her Cupcakes & Our Story

I recently met Helen, of Bustle & Sew and was delighted to see her beautiful designs and hear of her online monthly magazine. She kindly invited me to write an article for her April edition, so this has spurred me on to get some lovely new patterns all ready to share with the readers and all of you lovely folk. You must take a peek at the gorgeous cushion that Helen made for her daughter's birthday using my Bunny & her Teacups pattern and check out her Blog.

If anyone else has images of my Art, Bears, Embroidery in their new homes then do send them along to me, I always love to see them.

So added onto my ever growing list is create these new embroidery patterns, funnily enough these were ones I too would have chosen first, so great to know we are on the same wavelength :) Back soon with lots to share, Hugs, Catherine x