Friday, January 28, 2011

Embroidery Choices

I have been so delighted by the response for my very first Bumpkin Embroidery Pattern, Bunny & her Teacups, that I am going to be starting on the creation of some more patterns.

I'd LOVE your help, could you take a look at the following of my Bumpkin Illustrations and imagine them as simpler embroidered images. Please could you give me your top 3 in order, then I'll create patterns with your favourites!

1.Summer Hill - Gardening Bunny - Available as Paper Dress Up Bunny Kit & Postcard

2.Summer Hill - Primrose - Currently available as Paper Dress Up Bunny Kit & Postcard

3. Summer Hill - Dream Balloon (any birthday number could be embroidered into the balloon)-Available as Print, Paper Dress Up Bunny Kit, Invitations, Postcard & Gift Tags

4. Summer Hill - Off We Go (names could be embroidered in flag) - Available as Print, Paper Dress Up Bunny Kit, Invitations, Postcard & Gift Tags

5. Our Story - Available as a Print

6. Our Nest - Available as a Print

7. The Parade - Available as Print, Invitations & Thank You Cards

8. Sweet Dreams - Available as Print, Notecard, Magnet & Badge

9. For the Love of Books - Available as Print, Bookmark, Magnet & Badge

10. Chase Your Dreams - Available as Print & Bookmark

11. Hedgehog Love - Available as Print, Gift Tags & Notecard

12. Friends for Tea - Bunny & her Teapot - Available as Print, Magnets, Badges, Gift Tags & Party Invitations

13. Friends for Tea - Bunny & her Cupcakes - Available as Print, Magnets, Badges, Gift Tags & Party Invitations

14. Friends Forever - Available as a Print

15. Teatime in the Snow - Available as a Print

I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with this, thanks SO much. Big hugs, Catherine xx

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hiding under mountains!

I'm just appearing from behind a mountain of packages of Invitations, Gift Tags, Cupcake Toppers.... that I'm getting all ready for a lovely new Stockist that I'll tell you about soon. I've been creating some new party gift tags for them which I'll also be adding into my Etsy shop soon.

It must be the time of year for Birthday Parties as I've had lots of custom enquiries for Party Sets over the last few weeks. I can customise any of the Party Invitations that you can see in the Party section of my Etsy Shop. Lots of 1st Birthdays being celebrated around the world and it's always special to be asked to play a part in them. I've got new party items I need to add to my shop too, but time just keeps running out each day!

I've just finished a new Commissioned Bear, named Sebastian that will be heading to a loving new home in the States.

Jacob that was featured in my previous post can unfortunately not go to the home he was planned for due to unforeseen circumstances. So now he has got his little arms open wide looking for a home full of love. He is a cheeky little Bear that loves to make you giggle with all his party tricks! Coming from the land of Chocolate and having such a gorgeously soft milk chocolate Alpaca coat he felt his full name, Master Jacob Chocolate, was fitting! Friendship is very important to this sweet Bear, he even enjoys a bit of a sing along, so you could have some wonderful parties with all your hug! Get your dancing shoes ready! You can see all his adoption photos and info here.

Next on my list is another Custom Bear in precious peachy alpaca and I've nearly finished knitting a little outfit for her when she is ready! Thanks so much for visiting, see you soon, Catherine x

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stories of friendship

I'm so excited to share my first of 3 custom Bears I am currently busy bringing to life. This little darling is called Jacob with the cuddliest chocolate brown Alpaca, I could just hug him all day long! He will be going to his new Mum in England, bringing with him a lifetime of friendship.**UPDATE 25 Jan, due to unforeseen circumstances, Jacob is now available for adoption, more details soon. **
The friendship and comfort a Bear can bring is a very precious gift I feel very lucky to be able to share with others, even though it is always hard to part with the Bears!

To spread this friendship I bring you a new Print. This is "Our Story" said Bear to his Best Friend as he started to read a book of adventures written just for her. What better place to read than under a Toadstool? This Print can be personalised with an initial on the book cover to join in with their story.

Also with Valentines on the horizon I have created this Postcard, along with a range of other delights, perfect to show those you love how special they are to you. I remember feeling very special always getting a Valentine's Card from my Granny!

To show how special all my customers are to me there is a short term special offer of a 14% discount on all items in my Etsy shop. Just add the coupon code VAL11 at check out and it will take off 14% off your total. See you back soon with more Bears, one of which I'm knitting a little outfit for. Hugs, Catherine x

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all, I wish you all a wonderful, magical and creative Year! I've been very busy starting this Year with orders for custom Party sets of invitations, gift tags and cupcake toppers and now onto 3 Custom Bears in the most gorgeous Alpacas, chocolate brown, creamy beige and the prettiest apricot tone. So whilst I get back to bringing them to life I thought it would be fun to look back over some of the Bumpkin Bears of 2010.

(Click for larger view)
See you back soon, Bear Hugs, Catherine x