Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Diver and The Little Giant!

Yesterday was the most magical day here in Antwerp city. Do you remember dreaming that your dolls would come to life when you were little, well for the last 3 days that fantasy was brought to life by the incredibly talented French theatre company, Royal de Luxe. I have never seen so many people in the city that had all come to follow the Diver and his niece searching for each other through the streets of the city. Suddenly all the usual towering buildings looked miniature alongside them, like walking into another world!

When we arrived the giant doll and diver were sleeping in different parts of the city, with very loud breathing to be heard from far away! The facial details were amazing, we filmed some parts so when I get back from the UK in a week or so I'll put together a little movie so you too can share in some of the magic. It was amazing to see how the people from the theatre worked to make them wake up and then walk along, extraordinary effort! To make the diver walk they had to spring in duos from the truck behind the puppet pulling the string down which lifted a leg, then others physically pulled the feet forward with string! It was a very warm humid day and they were in thick velvet outfits but it did make the whole picture quite magical! So I hope these pictures will keep you amused whilst I'm away for a week. Click on images to see larger versions in my Flickr account. When I return I'll have my new secret project all ready to launch and get ready for a GIVEAWAY! Hugs, Catherine x
Sleeping in the city!
Sleep softly
The Giant Diver by The River Schelde
The Giant Diver sleeping
Waking up!
Let's get going!
The city looks miniature!
The Little Giant
Take a walk!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wildlife at my back door!

Look who visited my garden the other day! I couldn't believe my eyes, I was so sad that it had taken one of the pigeons that hang around here. I actually managed to tip toe outside and hide behind a shrub to get these photos with my zoom lens! I must admit I felt a wee bit scared of this majestic bird, not exactly sure what he is, maybe a Buzzard?

On this very day in the morning we went for a woodland walk and spotted a wild deer up ahead springing away and then also a cute red squirrel running up a tree! What a wildlife day it was! Busy busy here getting ready for my trip back home to England next week for a full week. I've been getting my secret project together, ready to launch when I get back, so you will not have to wait too much longer to meet some new friends! Before I head off we will be watching a procession of giant puppets through Antwerp on Saturday so I'll be taking my camera along to share with you. See you soon, Catherine x

Monday, August 16, 2010

Looking into their souls

A busy week lies ahead, finishing my secret new range and getting ready for a week away back home in England next week. So whilst I'm rushing around I thought you would enjoy these photos I took yesterday at Antwerp Zoo. Looking into the eyes of these animals is always something very special, like you are looking into their souls. There is a year old baby elephant there which was just adorable. More from me soon, but for now, meet these gorgeous friends -
Baby K in Antwerp Zoo
Afternooon Nap
Long Days!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Beautiful Day

Our Summer here has been rather a wash out with chilly temperatures and lots of rain. So when Sunshine was forecast we took a picnic and headed to Knokke Heist on the coast. I love to walk along the edge of the sea as the chilly water laps over my feet! It lapped a bit more than expected when I was trying to get this photo of the water coming in!

Such Beautiful Blue skies and puffy white clouds and apparently there was even a visiting Dolphin, which we only found out about after returning! A Dolphin called Rudolf has been spotted leaping about in the waters where we were apprently, he normally lives in more Tropical waters so I do hope he will be ok and not sure what he's doing here, it's far from Tropcial!
(Dolphin - copyright Het Laatste Nieuws)

I am madly busy and have nearly finished one of my Secret Projects, so your patience will soon be rewarded I promise :) Have a lovely weekend, Catherine x

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My little piece of England

Living away from England here in Belgium I like to bring England to my home! I love spending time in my garden and recently cleared a little neglected part just off the front lawn. Frustratingly it has got taken over by the worst kind of weeds, bind weed amongst others, from next door, but the battle continues and I have cleared out every possible piece of root I could find four times over the last month! I took some box cuttings about 5 years ago and they have now with all my patience got to the size ok for planting out as a little edging hedge, nearly 30 plants all together! I just LOVE growing plants myself, such a sense of satisfaction. But to fill them in we went for a visit to the garden centre (like a sweet shop to me!) and I got lots of my favourite cottage garden plants that remind me of my Mum and to bring a little piece of England right to my home. They are certainly getting enough water with the season previously known as Summer! I took lots of photos to share with you, so here you go. Catherine x
Cottage Days
Summer skies
So blue as the oceans
A little piece of England

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The great outdoors

I'm busy busy this week working on one of my new Secret projects, so while you are waiting I thought you'd like to see the nature reserve I visited last weekend. These geese were so funny and very noisy as they waddled along in a group! We had one of the rare sunny and rain free moments for our walk, otherwise it's like Autumn here already! Whoever stole the Summer please could I have it back, thank you kindly!

See you back soon, Hugs, Catherine x

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Luxembourg Escape 3

I just got back from a lovely walk in a National Park just over the border in Holland, with wild geese, horses and calves which I'll share photos of soon. In the meantime here are a few more snaps from our trip to Luxembourg. A ruined castle with fun sculptures, fancy this horse galloping across your lawn! Personally I'd rather have a real one, but maybe without the galloping part!

Also photos of Luxembourg, the city!

I've got lots of new projects on the go behind the scenes, many I want to share all at once, but time is needed to finish and perfect and I do love secrets :) See you soon, Hugs, Catherine x