Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Butterfly Chase

I was inspired by this wonderful Summer weather to bring this new Print to you. Do you remember Care free Summer days chasing Butterflies through the meadows?

Let this Bumpkin Bunny bring this precious feeling into your home. I am offering it as a Personalised Print (or unpersonalised if you prefer), over at my Etsy store. You can choose between Dusky Pink or Duck Egg Blue backgrounds.

May the happiness of Summer visit all of you (even those heading into Winter, I'll send you some sunshine too)! Images of the full Picnic Invites coming up, so dance back over soon, Catherine xx

Monday, June 28, 2010

Raindrops on roses & whiskers on kittens...

these are a few of my favourite things...! It's been a while since posting, my little kitty, Ollie, has not been very well so after a vet visit I've been playing nursemaid. I'm so relieved to say he seems to be starting to get better, and is being a very good boy taking his anti-biotic pills, always fun! His wee nose has got pinker again (it had gone so pale) and he's clearly feeling much more comfortable.

The Summer has arrived in full blast here, which always makes me think of Picnics, so a great time to be creating these Teddy Bear Picnic invitations. These are a custom set but I am enjoying it so much I may well make a range for my Etsy store. Here's a little sneak preview of part of it.

Last week we had a a rain burst and then sunshine which made my rambling rose look so pretty I had to take some photos, so I thought you would enjoy sharing in them with me, if only you could smell them too.

My garden is starting to come to life, with bees and butterflies flitting around and my sweet peas rambling their way through plants, more photos to come very soon. Catherine xx

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

La Alhambra & Pattern

A few years back I studied a correspondence course in Garden Design (sadly never got to finish it), but I had to do a History of Garden Design Project and read a lot about The Alhambra & it's Moorish Designs. Ever since then it has fascinated me and I was thrilled to finally visit. As I was looking at all the incredibly intricate carvings in the limestone I thought that it would be a textile designers dream! Pattern inspiration at every blink! So I took lots of photos for all of us to enjoy as creative souls :) My first sight of the Palace on the hill was at sunset from our Hotel.

I took SO many photos it was hard to choose which to share, so there will be more to follow, especially of The Generalife, part of the same complex but was their holiday home with lovely gardens! Still busy creating my Teddy Bears Picnic invitations, as well as working on a new range of Bumpkin Bunny illustrations :) So hop back soon, Catherine x

Thursday, June 17, 2010


The architecture in Seville was so grand, extraordinary buildings at every breath. How about this for a craft studio?! It was called the Queen's Sewing Room!

This was another vast building, couldn't keep track of all the names!

Throughout Seville were many tiled pictures, including this charming one from the 1930's.

Here was the inside of the Alcazar (Royal palace), giving us a taster of what to expect at The Alhambra in Granada (coming up soon here).

I'm busy behind the scenes creating another custom birthday party invitation set, this time with the theme of Teddy Bear's Picnic, oh what fun I'm having! Dancing bear's on toadstools, wonky cakes, bunting and some other woodland friend's joining in the fun! I promise I'll share when it's finished :) So lots more to come here in Blogland. Catherine x

Monday, June 14, 2010

Back from the land of Palm Trees!

Hi everyone, thanks for all your visits whilst I was away. We had a fabulous sunny holiday, can't quite believe how much we saw over 12 days! We took 2088 photos!!!! It's too easy to take lots with digital isn't it! Do not fear I'll not share all these photos with you ;) I'm actually wanting to change the photo programme that I use on my Apple Mac, I use Aperture but am not so happy with it. Any of you out there with a Mac, which photo programme do you use? I'd love one that will make loading and re-sizing photos a doddle for loading onto Blogger and Flickr, any ideas welcome :)

Right, back to the holiday. We started off in Seville which is a really beautiful city, with palm trees and tropical flowers abounding.

There were amazing trees with purple flowers which I have never seen, any ideas what these are?

It was very hot when we were there, 41c the first day!! Still, it was a good excuse to eat ice cream to cool off ;) So I'll start off with Seville, more to come of the Alacazar Palace and Cathedral. For now I am off to face the pile of washing that always happens when you get back off holiday, but it was wonderful to have 2 weeks without washing, ironing and cooking! Hugs, Catherine x