Friday, October 30, 2009

Hocus Pocus!

Today I'm like a witch making potions in her cauldron, I'm having fun dying some mohair for a wee bear! Whilst I'm waiting for the colour to appear like magic I thought I'd share some castles from Scotland. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the photos from our Summer trip, we had the most fabulous warm, blue skied days for the whole 2 weeks. Just imagine what it must have been like when these castles were inhabited and all the battles that went on... spoooky dark places with just flames flickering for light...! Eileen Donan Castle with the arched bridge was stunning, I had always wanted to see this Castle since I bought a postcard of it on one of my trips to stay with my Scottish family as a child. See that catapault for the canon balls at the ruins of Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness - nope we didn't see the monster! Happy Halloween everyone. I've got lots to share next week so come back soon, Catherine x

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fly me back to Scotland Harry Potter!

It's been such busy times with the bears that I realised I didn't share that many photos of our trip in Scotland in the Summer. If you missed them at the time you can see some of my photos here and here. I've chosen some random shots taken on the West Coast, it really was the most wonderful holiday, I just love Scotland, which I know would make my Scottish Granny ever so proud. You can even see the beautiful steam train following the route of the Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter films! It was amazing as it whistled by.

It's all go behind the scenes here working on beary commissions as well as some new treats from my drawings. We also spent the whole weekend re-doing the wallpaper in our hallway, as we live in a Bungalow there are lotssss of doorways to have to cut the paper the right size for and of course all is wonky! We still have half left to do next weekend! Anyway I'd better get back to my bears. Enjoy the photos, click on them to get full sizes so you can see the amazing seals in some of them! Pop back soon. HUGS, Catherine x

Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye with their wild seals -

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Creating Special New friends

I've been busy lately creating this little girl as a special commission for the lovely Julie Marie. It's been fun to design a bear with her wishes in mind. She named her Honeybeary and this little girl has now started her journey to America to be with her New Mum and family of bears.

I am now working on a new design for a grand 20" bear as a commission. I love big bears and am delighted to have this opportunity to bring this chap to life. We have chosen his mohair together which will be just gorgeous. Today I've been surrounded by sketches and lots of paper to work out my thoughts for this bear and his pattern design.

I have also been excited to start designing little gift hang tags of my illustrations, can't wait to show you all and launch them in my store.

We seem to have skipped Autumn and gone straight into chilly winter over here. A few weeks back I took these photos of animals around my village on a sleepy afternoon. The sheep came charging at me with a chorus of BAAA-BAAA-BAAA, sorry guys don't have any food for you!! Don't you just love those donkeys?! I have adored donkeys ever since having a dear Donkey friend in a field down the lane from my Granny's home in the Dorset countryside of England. I called this Donkey "Dinky Donkey", and he would eeeey-ooooorrrrree all the way down the field hearing me walking down the lane until we met at his gate way :)

You can always click on the photos to see a bigger size. Thanks for stopping by, see you soon. Hugs, Catherine x

Monday, October 19, 2009

Friends for Tea Set and keeping cosy

Just popping by quickly in between bear making and drawing to say I've just listed this sweet Set of 3 Friends for Tea Prints, with a saving of $5. Take a peek in my Etsy store.

I have also started to re-list some favourites there too, including this Story Time Print, a cosy fire and a nice story is just what we need on these chilly days.
"Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin" said Little Bear proudly. After a long day playing out in the woods, the bears loved nothing better than Storytime by the warmth of their fire. Little Bear had so many favourite books he couldn't choose just one, as usual Storytime could take a while!

See you soon! Hugs, Catherine x

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweet Dreams and Cupcakes!

We had the first frost of the season this morning, so it seems just the right day to share this new cosy image, don't you just feel like snuggling under a quilt on these chilly days? I must say when I finally finished this new Print and saw her printed out I felt like a little girl giggling with delight! This little Mouse was a little shy about saying hello, so I have been working hard to finish a darling new Print for my Friends for Tea Series so that Bunny could keep her company on Etsy. Both Prints are available from my Etsy store. So without any further ado I would love to introduce you to your new friends -

Sweet Dreams
It had been a long day of playing out in the Bumpkin woods, Mouse always wants to keep up with the bears. As you can imagine with such little legs she gets ever so tired! Her Mother got together all her favourite pillows and tucked little Mouse in to sleep under her cosy patchwork quilt. "Sweet Dreams my dear", she whispered as Mouse drifted off to sleep.

Bunny and her Cupcakes

Don't you just love having Friends for Tea, using your sweet antique china? I can't think of a better guest than a wee fluffy Bunny, but you'd better eat some cupcakes before they are all gone!! Bunny much prefers her cupcakes to the healthy carrot option! This is the third in a darling series of Friends For Tea which will be available as an adorable Set in my Etsy Store.

Right, time for a cup of tea, all those cupcakes have made me hungry! Then back to my latest commission Bear. More soon. Hugs, Catherine xx

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Friends

It's been a busy day with painting our front door, we are on the home stretch finally with all the painting, just the door two more layers and we'll be done - phew! I'll add a photo I took a few weeks back so you can see the colour, a big change from old dark brown varnish!

I have also started on a new commission bear in a gorgeous cream mohair. I love to create bears, I put a part of myself into every character I bring to life and each one holds a place in my heart. It's therefore always lovely to hear from their new families. Hearing how much happiness and comfort of friendship that my bears bring to people is the main reason I keep creating. It may seem funny to some but it makes me feel that I am doing something worthwhile. You may remember this sweet photo of Halo bear in his new home. I got this gorgeous photo from Kathy in America who adopted Jaunty into her family, look at her adorable Bichon's, Anna and Archie. Don't you think one is smiling at the camera and the other is thinking "oh no, not another photo!". I felt very honoured that Jaunty was the Kathy's first teddy bear adoption and he couldn't ask for a better home, snuggling up on the beautiful quilts she makes with his new friends!

Talking of snuggling up with quilts, I have got a sleepy little mouse waiting in the wings to meet you, hopefully tomorrow if he wakes up for a while to say hello! ** WED - UPDATE - Little Mouse is a little shy and is waiting for a bunny to join him before he is brave enough to say hello, so wait a wee bit. ** See you soon, HUGS, Catherine x

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wish upon a Star

It was late in the Bumpkin Bears Cottage and the Little Bears were meant to be fast asleep. However the sky was sparkling so full of stars they just had to make a wish. One by one the Bears chose their very own star and thinking long and hard made their wishes. That night they snuggled into bed with sweet dreams of when their wish would come true.

This sweet archival quality print is available in my Etsy Store.
The Little Bears are looking forward to your visit.

I was very touched the other day when a surprise parcel arrived with the post from Susy of The Enchanted Pumpkin.

She had kindly been collecting all sorts of goodies that she thought would be nice for my bear making! Aren't all these items gorgeous, such pretty lace trims, ribbons, buttons and the sweetest vintage cardigan... I think my next bear will have to be designed to fit this treasure :) Do pop along to visit her blog she makes the cutest crochet items, including gorgeous little owl hats for dolls. Thank you SO much Susy, your kindness means a great deal to me.

I am also busy working on a new illustration with a wee mouse this time! Thanks for popping by and for all your kind comments, I love visitors. Bear Hugs, Catherine x

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Take a Peek....

Would you like to meet a new group of friends?

Hugs, Catherine xx

Friday, October 2, 2009

Where do I start!

I have so much news to share today I'm not sure where to start, I guess at the very beginning, that's a very good place to start!!
I am thrilled to say that the first Print in my Friends for Tea Series has been featured on Belle and Boo's Blog. I adore Mandy's Illustrations and it was discovering her Art and her kind encouragement that inspired me to jump onto my dream of illustrating my Bumpkin Bears and Friends, I'm enjoying the ride! If you pop along to her Blog you'll also find a little thank you treat from me! THANK YOU Mandy.

I'd love to show you too my latest Notecard, the Thank You Parade. I love to send and receive real mail, this Card would be a lovely way to brighten someone's day. The Bears and Friends certainly know how to say Thank You, the whole Forest could hear them as their Marching Band came along!

Are you still with me... ok then I'll carry on... I am excited to share the second in my Friends for Tea series - Bunny and her Teapot Don't you just love having Friends for Tea, using your antique china? I can't think of a better guest than a wee fluffy Bunny, but you'd better wait to put the tea into your Teapot!! Hop along to my Etsy Store in time for Tea!

Ok, I promise this is my final bit of news for today! As promised last week I have finally brought to life a baby Moon Bear. His name is Honey. Many of his Moon Bear family have a very hard life in cruel Bear Farms and being the little sweetheart that he is he wanted his adoption to help his family far away. Therefore 20% of his adoption will be donated directly towards Moon Bear Rescue. Go along to the Animals Asia website to find out about Moon Bear Rescue. You can find all of Honey's photos and his adoption info on my website.**UPDATE - Oct 2nd Honey has now been Adopted and the Moon Bears will be helped, thank you**

Now that I expect your eyes have gone square looking at the screen I will let you go :) Thanks for popping by, have a great weekend. Bear Hugs, Catherine xx