Saturday, May 30, 2009


Thank you to all your kind messages after our hail storm. We have been busy clearing up and getting quotes for the insurance, turns out half of our roof will have to be completely replaced as well as our veranda. It is now clear that our street and the next street on from us are the worst hit, luckily the rest of the village hardly had any damage, it started right at the windmill at the end of our lane (the houses JUST before it had no damage at all!) and charged on to our house!
This photo is of the hail stones that landed that someone in the village froze over night and I saw it on the news!

I have been so touched by the kindess of people. On Friday I was outside clearing up all the broken tiles when the postman came along with a parcel for me! To my delight there was the sweetest little box of sweets with a gorgeous teddy on the front with a sweet teddy notecard from one of my collectors here in Belgium to brighten my day after all the damage we had from the storm (thank you Peter) .

I had this sweet note from Lewis and Bailey , two of my bears that are in their cosy new home.

Since being part of the teddy world I have to say that I have met the nicest people. I just love hearing from people when they have received their adopted bears, it really makes all my efforts worth while when I hear how happy my bears make people. This week I received these kind messages from England and The States, Colbyhas the prettiest cutest face and is so cuddly with his soft coat and sits proudly on my desk beside me.
Lily is wonderful in every way, and I am thrilled to have her here with us. I will take excellent care of her. (Thank you Suzanne and Kathy x).

I've also been given some lovely awards for my blog, thank you Wendy for her Friendship Award and Lyn for the Makes My Heart Smile Award. I'm sorry for not being able to follow the award rules for now, but please know that everyone of you that visit me here make my heart smile and I appreciate all your friendships.

I will have a new Bear to show you next week so pop back soon to take a peek. Have a lovely weekend, Hugs, Catherine x

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What a night! We woke up to a thunderstorm at 3am which soon turned into the most extraordinary hail storm I've ever seen! The hail balls were the size of tennis balls, no joking!! We've had a lot of damage to the house, the plastic all around the edge of our house looks like it's been eaten by giant caterpillars! Our roof has got some damage and our garden looks like a mad man went round with a chain saw, all my lovely plants and flowers :( My cold frame is completely smashed and any pots I had out are all broken. I have never heard noise like it, pretty frightening really. It seems like we were right in the centre of the storm, the next door village didn't have any at all! Most important is that we are ok and my cats are sleeping off a noisy night!
(click on photos to see full size)

I started a new bear yesterday in the most amazing long pile faux fur, this bear is going to be quite a wispy sweet character....
Back to the clear up.... Catherine x

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Look who I found in my Vegetable Patch!!

Hattie McRadish is rather partial to radishes, especially in my garden! To try and save my new vegetables I invited this wee bunny in for tea. A little shy at first I encouraged her by showing her the radishes in Peter Rabbit's stories! I don't think Hattie has been to tea very often, if at all, as she seemed to think that the tea cups were far more fun for hiding in than for drinking out of!! Not that I minded, as long as my little guest was happy and who could ever get cross at that little lop eared face! **UPDATE, Hattie has now been ADOPTED to a lovely lady in America**

I hand dyed her Schulte mohair and soft wool felt bunny feet a sweet baby pink. She has a cute little white cottontail that you can see as she hops around through the garden. She is one of a kind and such a precious size at only 4" not including her lop ears if you held them up!! Hop on over to my website to see all Hattie McRadish's adoption info and photos. **Hattie has now been Adopted**

Hattie was inspired by the baby wild bunnies I've got hopping around in my garden that you can see in the previous post, they have been tucking into my radish leaves!! Beary Hugs, Catherine x

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lily and bunnies!

Thanks for all your kind words about my bears in the last post, my special offers continue until May 24th. As promised here are some photos of Lily, a bear I just created for a special commission. I love her Lilac fur and her new Mum chose her name which suits her just perfectly. She will be making her journey to America tomorrow along with little Heather who has also been adopted to a very sweet person in Washington.

I had such fun creating mini Heather that I am busy creating another mini right now! I was inspired by the wild baby bunnies in my garden and so you will soon be seeing a wee Bunny Rabbit in the sweetest pink. I have been dying the mohair this morning for her and it now drying out ready to be sewn.

Hop along soon to see her. Hugs, Catherine x

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Friends & Special Offers

What a busy time it has been in my bear studio! Lots of photos on this post, keep going down to see the Special Offiers!

I've just finished bringing to life two very different bears. Colby is a 17" baby bear cub with THE MOST gorgeous luxurious silky soft faux fur. He has a really unique colour mix. He is a bear that likes to help, especially when it comes to making honey cake, he'll be the first one there with his apron on and spoon ready for mixing! Sitting in your arms with a glass of milk and slice (or two!) of cake would make Colby one very contentend bear. If you would like to share your life with this very special boy then he promises to love you forever and ever! You can see lots more photos of him and all his adoption info on my Bumpkin Bears Website.
** Update - Colby is now ADOPTED**

Heather is a wee miniature bear created from Schulte Mohair which I hand dyed in this precious colour, inspired by the soft lilac haze of colour that the heather creates over the hills of Scotland. She gets up to all sorts of mischief, but with such an innocent little face all you can do is smile when you find her head first in the sugar bowl!! I lovingly hand stiched every tiny stich to bring this Bonny Lass to life. She is one of a kind and such a darling size at only 3.7" from the top of her ears to her tippy toes! All her photos and adoption info are on my Website.

** UPDATE Heather has now been ADOPTED to a special new home **

Now for the even more fun part - SPECIAL OFFERS on all my available Bumpkin Bears from Friday 15th-Sunday 24th May (only Su-Lin the Panda and Hattie the Bunny are still available)-

If you would like to adopt Su-Lin The Panda you can choose from ONE of these special offers -

1. FREE Worldwide Registered Postage
2. One FREE Mounted Print worth $30 from my Etsy Store
- just choose a Print you would like and let me know and I will mount it for you and send it with your bear.
3. One FREE pack of 5 assorted Notecards worth $14 from my Etsy Store

If you would like to adopt Mr Tibbles The Kitten you can choose from ONE of these special offers - ** UPDATE - Mr Tibbles is now ADOPTED**

1. FREE Worldwide Registered Postage
2. 3 FREE Notecards worth $10.50 from my Etsy Store
- just choose 3 Notecards you would like and let me know and I will send them with your bear or kitten.

** UPDATE - Stanley is now ADOPTED**


Mr Tibbles The Kitten
** UPDATE - Mr Tibbles is now ADOPTED **

I hope you've had fun seeing all these friends, they are really excited about meeting you all. (UPDATE - Most of them have now been adopted but there is still a few friends looking for a special home). I have nearly finished a special lilac faux fur commissioned bear, she will be showing her face here shortly! I've also got some photos of another park and castle we visited. So pop by soon, Beary Hugs, Catherine x

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspirations from the garden

Thanks for all your well wishes for the Hatch Studio and Gallery Opening that my Bumpkin Bears Prints & Cards were part of, it was a great success, you can see all the photos on Bethany's Blog. It's thrilling to be part of this along with so many other talented creative souls. I've been very busy lately working on a commission bear in a gorgeous lilac tipped faux fur as well as starting on a new Bear in a really special stripey faux fur too! As if this was not enough I got inspired by the flowers in my garden and have been hand dying some wool felt for paw pads as well as some mohair (as I type this it is sitting there getting a lovely colour) for a wee mini bear. I am hoping it will be a gorgeous heather plummy colour! I just love hand dying, so exciting to see how it will come out. Last weekend we discovered a new landscaped park that is being brought back to life near Brussels, it was really stunning, with some incredible historical buildings. I hope you enjoy the photos. Pop back soon for lots of bear photos! Hugs, Catherine x