Sunday, November 30, 2008

Winning day and Christmas cards!

Well, it's been such fun having this giveaway over the last week, thank you so much to all of you that took the time to pop by and join in with this new exciting launch of my Bumpkin Bears illustrations. This morning Hamish (looking for a special family) was the most excited and having the smallest paws we decided he would be the best bear to pull a name out of our special bowl! So without any more delay THE WINNER IS - Bob.T. Bear!! Yes a bear won the giveaway, you must pop by his blog to find out about all the adventures he gets up to! Hamish hopes you'll be a very happy bear Bob :)

I've had so many enquiries if I will be creating my prints into Christmas cards that I have been a very busy bee this weekend adding some extra special festive touches to my prints to transform them into sweet cards. I bought some gorgeous rich cream cards with a lovely texture and some berry red envelopes for them. Here is a sneak peek of some before I take photos of the printed cards tomorrow and then they'll roll straight into my Etsy store. If you'd like to be amongst the first to hear of new additions to the Bumpkin Bears world then just send the bears and I an email (see mailing list link on the left).

I'll be back tomorrow with more details of my cards :) Hugs, Catherine and the bears xx

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Help the bears with a poll!

With December almost knocking at the door the bears had a little chat with me and they thought it would be beary good fun if they could appear on christmas cards so they could get to meet lots of new friends all around the world. So we are having a fun poll (over on left side) to see if you would like these Art Prints as cards? Then the bears and I will get designing and printing if you fancy it :) One day left to join in the giveaway below! I'll announce the winner tomorrow when the bear's have pulled a name :) Happy weekend! Hugs, Catherine and the bears x

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It was a cold frosty morning..

It was a cold frosty morning as the snow iced the roof tops. With the birds playing catch through the hedgerows and ladybirds hiding from Jack Frost! The wind whipped around the bunny's ears sending them into a spin! It was quite a morning for Bailey to arrive. Looking out at this sparkly white world his eyes opened wider than has ever been seen on a teddy bear!
In such a rush to go outside and explore this new world he..... Click here to read the rest of Bailey's story and see all his photos. He is available for adoption, see all his info on my website.

We've had some snow over here as you'll have seen from Bailey's story.

It's been very exciting to read all your kind comments about my new range of Bumpkin Bears Art Prints. Keep joining in the giveaway this week in the party post below. Hugs, Catherine and the bears xx

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let the Party begin with a giveaway!

wow, after a long time of dreaming, planning and work my bears and I are thrilled to announce the launch of our Bumpkin Bears illustrations. These drawings bring alive the adventures of a very special group of Bears living in a village deep in the valley.

You can see the first prints in my Etsy store, including some wonderful festive images. Clickhere to see them. To celebrate this Grand Opening (the bear's are getting excited about this!) I am offering Free worldwide postage on all my prints (mounted and unmounted) from today Sunday 23rd until Sunday Nov 30th.

These illustrations are printed on the most beautiful archival artist paper and can either come with or without a mount. You can see the different sections in my Etsy store. If you have any questions just drop me a line. Here is a glimpse of them -

When I grow up.. I want to be a Train Driver (part of the "When I grow up..." series.

Snow Circus

Wish upon a Star

The Best Tree for Christmas

Just as I started to add my first print to my Etsy store it started to snow, what better sight than a sparkly white landscape to get into the festive spirit!

As a thank you to you all for your support and encouragement over the months the bears and I are giving away a Mounted Print "The Best Tree for Christmas" (see image below). To enter just leave me a beary festive comment and I will randomly pick a winner next Sunday 30th 10am GMT.

I have many many more stories in my imagination that I will be bringing to life with pencil (and of course still through my mohair bears) in the future. I hope you will enjoy following along this journey together with my bears. Over the next few days a new Artist bear will be revealing his face here and at my website.

In the meantime have yourself a beary happy day! Hugs, Catherine and the bears xx

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Get ready for the Launch Party!

Get your party clothes out and get ready for the Blog launch party for a new exciting venture for the Bumpkin Bears. The Grand Opening will be tomorrow if the bear's behave themselves! I don't think they will get much sleep tonight with all the excitement! They are bursting to tell you all about what you will see but we are keeping the secret just a little longer ;) Look forward to lots of goodies, festive offers and a special Blog GIVEAWAY! So do come along and join in the fun :) Catherine and the Bears xx

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Off to Japan they go..

I have been busy creating an order for a company that sell artist bears in the top department stores across Japan, they are the equivalent of Harrods in London, one of the stores is called Mitsukosi. It is a very exciting adventure for my bears and here are the four friends that are on their way to Japan.


Charlie Boy



I will be carrying on bringing to life my new bear this afternoon, his mohair is a beautiful soft tipped fur, he should be a real cutie. Promise I'll share photos the moment he has had a photoshoot! Hugs, Catherine xx

Monday, November 17, 2008

Winning and new adventures

I am over the moon with happiness, jumping up and down with joy that I won a Belle and Boo print in a giveaway that Mandy had on her blog. I have for a long time admired Mandy's beautiful art and she has been a lovely friend to me too. I never dreamt that out of over 100 people my number would get selected by the computer :) YIPEEEEEE. For those that know me I love trees and spent much of my childhood sitting up in them so this print could not be more perfect for me, it is of a sweet girl sat up in a wintery tree. THANK YOU Mandy. Click here to see Mandy's charming beautiful work. Mandy has been a great encouragement to me in my drawing and there is some exciting new adventures for my Bumpkin Bears on the horizon, this time on paper instead of mohair!! Do come back soon to see this new venture. In the meantime you can see my Bears looking for a new family at their website Click here to say hello to them. Thanks for dropping by, Hugs, Catherine xx

Milly looking for a home

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mother Bear Project

I'm glad you all liked Darcy and Elizabeth bears so much, they have happily been adopted by the same new mum so will be staying together. A while back I heard of a charity called Mother Bear Project. They are dedicated to providing comfort and hope to children affected by HIV/AIDS across Africa, by giving them a gift of love in the form of a hand-knit or crocheted bear. These children have often lost all their family and have nothing of their own, a teddy can bring the gift of friendship and comfort to them at a time when they must feel so very alone. Clickhere to go to their website where you can find out all about knitting bears for these very special children. Here's the bear that I knitted for them, he is my first attempt at knitting a toy.
I enjoyed knitting him with the thought of bringing a little sunshine into a child's life. Just look at this wonderful smile.

I could catch the knitting bug! I have also just started on a new mohair bear in a gorgeous cream and brown tipped mohair so check back soon for his appearance! Hugs, Catherine x

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

May we remember...

..all those brave souls that lost their lives for their country. At this time of year I remember my Great Uncles and Grandfather, Paddy Coote, even more than normal. Although I sadly never got to meet my Grandfather I learnt to know him through the eyes of my Granny. He was a well respected Wing Commander in the RAF, studying alongside and being friends with Douglas Bader, who many of you will know especially those from England. At the end of their training my Grandfather was awarded The Sword of Honour, a great honour to receive as the best cadet throughout the training. It was considered a two horse race between Paddy and Douglas Bader.

Paddy was the kind of man to never show off, despite many sporting and RAF triumphs, including playing Rugby for Ireland and being part of the RAF bobsleigh team at the Olympics in Switzerland. Paddy was a great lover of literature and poetry, something that I have inherited. He dreamt of moving back to Ireland with my Granny, mum and my Aunt, when the war was over to write a book. This day sadly never came as he was shot down in Crete. He would normally not have been in the plane but felt that it was such a difficult mission that he could not ask his men to do something that he was not willing to do himself, so he replaced one man. I have since got to know this lovely gentleman, that wrote a book about the squadron and my Grandfather, he survived WW II because of the bravery of my Grandfather that day.

Every year I like to buy and wear a red poppy sold by the British Legion as a sign of remembrance and pride in my Grandfather. Living in Belgium I have not always been able to find one because they are not easily found here, however this year we were in Antwerp and there was a fabulous Scottish Bag pipe band playing that I love to hear (my Granny was Scottish, so yes I'm Scottish, Irish and British!) and there nearby was the British Legion selling poppies. So I have my poppy here proudly resting. Here is a photo of my Grandfather and Granny looking so happy on their wedding day.

Catherine x

Friday, November 7, 2008

Romance is in the air!

** UPDATE - Darcy and Elizabeth have been adopted together so can stay by each other's side**

Well, romance is in the air in the Bumpkin Bears studio this week! I'd love you to meet two sweet teds called
Darcy and Elizabeth. Inspired by Pride and Prejudice these two had such fun in the bear's fancy dress box
as you'll see from their photos. Neither of them would admit it but they both think each other is really
rather special.

Clickhere to see all their photos and stories. Have fun with these friends. If you would like to adopt either Darcy or Elizabeth just drop me an email.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Hugs, Catherine, Darcy and Elizabeth xxx

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

more from the New Forest

As you are waiting patiently to see my two new bears (that are on their way to life!) I thought you'd enjoy a few more snaps from our trip to The New Forest in England. Good luck everyone in the States today on Election Day!
Love, Catherine x