Thursday, September 25, 2008

Horses and castles

It's been a busy week, working on our home and starting a new commission bear. We are painting our outside windows and doors a pretty cream colour, at the moment they are a dark varnished wood, I'll take some photos when it's all finished. In the meantime as promised here are some photos of the eventing we went to last weekend. It was set in the vast grounds of the lovely castle you can see in the photo. I used to have my own horse and went to lots of cross country competitions with him, as well as dressage and show jumping, happy days.

I'm also working on some new bear designs over the coming days so keep checking back :) Hugs, Catherine x

Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Jacob and his midnight treats..

Hi everyone, finally the sun is shining in Belgium, we went to an eventing competition last weekend to watch, brought back memories of all the times I did the same with my horse. I'll load up some photos soon, so pop back to see. I've also been busy this week bringing to life this sweet Baby bear called Jacob. Sometime back I brought this little vintage baby suit for a future bear and Jacob just seemed to fit it so well he said he wanted to keep it :) Despite being all ready for bed in his outfit he is the kind of bear that likes to stay up past his bed time telling stories with the other bears and reading books under his duvet with a little torch! He has even been known to smuggle some midnight treats into the bear's bedroom, he would get away with this if it wasn't for the sticky honey paw prints on the bed linen in the morning!

Take a peek at all Jacob's photos and adoption info on my website.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hot off the press!

I'm excited to say that one of my bears, Dylan, has been featured in the current issue of Teddy Bear Club International magazine. It is always thrilling to see one of my bears that I've brought to life in print :) The magazine has just come out and Dylan is over the moon to tell you all that he has found his new mummy that saw him smiling out of the pages. As he really loves going to the beach and making sand castles she has even promised to buy him his own bucket and spade - what more could a bear ask for (so thank you Eliza)! He'll be heading to beautiful Sweden to start the next chapter in his life. (click on the photo for the full view and to see the kind words of Kirste, the editor).

Have a great weekend everyone, Hugs, Catherine x

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Boo and his Halloween tricks!

I've had such fun with this wee little guy, his name is Boo and he is only 4.5"! He would so love to join the circus, he says with all the tricks and acrobatics that he can do with his pumpkin he would surely make a wonderful halloween clown. He likes to proudly tell anyone that asks, (or that doesn't even ask) that he grew his pumpkin allllll by himself from seed! Boo and his pumpkin would make a great addition to your Fall Halloween displays and would bring great entertainment to your hug. He measures a tiny 4.5" (11cm) when standing and would fit in the palm of your hand.

Take a peek at all the fun Boo is having on my website.

If you would like to give this little guy a new home just drop me an email, Beary hugs, Catherine and Boo xx

Monday, September 8, 2008

Special new friends

Hi everyone, I have been busy bringing special commissioned bears to life the last few weeks. I'd love you to meet Rafferty, a sweet panda bear with the cutest pink needle felted tootsies and hand made ribbon ruff. He has just arrived with his new Mum and she says she is in love with him, so what more can a panda bear ask for :)

Then I created a wee little girlie called Penny, she is made of the most glorious dense Schulte mohair and only comes in at 8.5" tall! I have made mini bears less than 4" but never this size. I am relieved to say that her new mum was delighted with her photos and is now waiting patiently for her to arrive in the post in Wales, UK.

Last week was pretty eventful, 2 houses down from us caught fire last Thursday, it was awful to see it going up in smoke. We tried to help before the fire engines came but by the time they arrived it was just too late to save it. Saddest part is that their 2 cats did not get out, as I have 2 cats myself I just couldn't bare this thought. Then we came back to our house and I found a leak in the loft and our boiler was dripping water out of all sides and parts! THANK GOODNESS I saw this before any damage was caused, just a big bill for a new boiler! Then the next day went to the dentist for a broken tooth but that is all ok now. Then Saturday the lawn mower broke...... but in the scheme of things compared to that poor family losing everything in their home I can't complain about all these things.

Thanks for stopping by here and for all your comments, it's such fun to hear from you all, here's too a calmer week! Hugs, Catherine x

Monday, September 1, 2008

Little bit of Scotland in Belgium!

Being part Scottish I was brought up with a love of Scotland and as a child loved doing little highland dances so I always enjoy visiting Scottish Days when they pop up here in Belgium. This weekend we went to visit Ooidonk Castle, it is a vast 16th Century castle that is privately owned!! Can you imagine living in a place like that?! There were bag pipe bands, scottish dancers, very handsome shire and Clydesdale horses and sheep herding demonstrations. The last of which took me back to my childhood helping to herd the sheep across the hills on the neighbouring farm to where my Granny lived in Dorset, England. I even got to nearly do it all again when the sheep escaped out the ring and went running for the exit!! In the evening we went to a Horse Show with show jumping, shetland pony racing and police horse demos. It was rather dark for photos but enjoy the rest of the day out through my photos, Catherine x (ps I just finished a commissioned panda bear but as he will be a birthday surprise I'll wait to share photos of him until his mum has received him!)