Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sissinghurst castle gardens

Well we took so many photos on our trip to Kent in England that I just don't know how to choose which ones to show! So I've just taken a few for now. I'll start off with our first day which we spent at the fabulous Sissinghurst Gardens, it is the most visited gardens in the UK and the white garden is world renowned in garden design circles. I'll be showing photos of Scotney Castle, Bidgebury Pinetum and Great Dixter gardens next up on my blog posts - see keep checking back :) In the meantime sit back and enjoy these photos :) Click on them to get a full screen photo! Catherine x

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

flowers, castles and teddy bears!

OH what a great weekend we had back in England. Fabulous sunny days and in amongst the beautiful rolling hills of Kent. We visited THE most beautiful gardens and castles and took hundreds of photos! I am busy sorting them out and will share some with you over the next few days, so get your eyes ready for some colourful flowery delights :)

In the meantime there is a little boy that is trying to say hello next to me! Dylan is wanting to introduce himself to you, he is a sweet old fashioned teddy bear. He takes delight in the simple things in life. For him a perfect day is starting with a bowl of cornflakes with nice cold milk and then taking a stroll with his shiney red bucket and spade down to the beach. His name, Dylan, is of Welsh origin and means "son of the sea", really it couldn't be more appropriate for this little teddy bear. You should see just how happy his face is when he is making one of his grand sand castles, waiting for the sea to rise and fill the moat! His cute little button nose twitches with delight as the sand tickles his paws!

Click here to take a look at all his photos.

He is available for adoption, looking into his eyes you just know that he will be your friend for life. If you would like to give him a new home or join my mailing list just send me an email. Beary Hugs, Catherine and Dylan xx

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

bunnies and butterflies!

well the rain has stopped for now although it is very grey so I thought I'd brighten the weather at least on my blog with some photos I took of my garden a few weeks back. The cute family of bunnies were in the field behind our garden and this was the first butterfly I saw this year. We are off to England for the weekend to visit some gardens in Kent, the garden of England so I'll have lots of photos to share next week. I have also finished my golden bear, but I will not be announcing him on my website until after the weekend so he's sitting here next to me keeping very quiet!! I promise I'll show you next week :) Hugs, Catherine xx

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Drowning carrots and soggy roses!!

What a fabulous summer we are having right now in Belgium!!! Someone has forgotten to send the Sunshine and has sent rain, wind and more rain for weeks now. We just had a huge thunderstorm with torrential rain and I took some snaps out of our living room window, there is my little veg patch drowning under the water and the view of my roses across the fields which you can't even see it's so dark at 4pm in the afternoon!! Please someone send us some sun!

My new bear is coming along, he's going to be a rather traditional ted made of gorgeous soft gold mohair with a different head shape to normal which I hope will give him a sweet look too. Promise to share photos once he has come fully to life :) Hugs, Catherine x

Sunday, July 13, 2008

YAY, didn't he do well

Lickle Wo-Li Boo Bumpkin did so well at the Pandas Unlimited Silent Auction at the National Zoo in Washington. All together the silent auction raised $3,000 of which he made a great contribution ($280). He will be living with a very sweet lady called Elise that was delighted to win him as she had been looking after him up until the auction so had got rather attached to this little fella. Pandas Unlimited are a wonderful group of people that do so much for fund raising for the pandas at the Zoo, which does very important work for the conservation and future of this precious animal. The event was a great success and all their fund raising this year has come to a staggering $17,000. It was Tai's 3rd birthday, he is just such a gorgeous panda and he got given a lovely birthday treat of a frozen fruit cake which he loves once he got over the fear of a giant 3!! Take a look at all the photos at

Thanks for all your best wishes, it was a delight to be able to create a little character for this special event and I plan to bring to life more baby pandas in the near future. In the meantime I'm busy finishing a custom order and then can't wait to work on a bear that I have had in my mind and sketch book for some time... so watch this space :) Hugs, Catherine xx

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

birds, moles and bears!

I've been really busy creating some custom order bears, we've had a few sunny days so got to take some photos in my garden and I even saw a little mole scuttling across my patio when I was sat on our garden bench!! I have never seen a mole in real life, he was so cute even if he is creating hills all over our lawn! But my garden is for the wildlife, when we arrived here there were no plants, it is now full of mature shrubs and amazingly I have counted 5 bird nests last week in different shrubs, so I guess the birds approve of my hard work :)

I'd also love you to meet Izzy, a sweet little girl that I created specially as a custom order for a lovely customer in the states. I hand dyed her pretty pink kid mohair and she has the cutest soft blue eyes.

I love to hear from my bears new families and I have been delighted to receive lots of photos from Captain's new Mum, Marjie. He is one very happy bear in his new home with all his sea faring buddies, do take a look at the special photo album that she has made over at webshots, just copy and paste this website -
Here are also a few lovely photos that Marjie sent me.

Bears can bring so much delight and comfort to our lives, it's such a good feelng that I can bring to life bears that give so much joy to people all over the world.

Tomorrow is the Gala Event at the National Zoo in Washington where there will be the silent auction for the benefit panda conservation - my little baby panda Wo-Li Boo will be making his performance so I hope he is a good boy :)

I am starting to work on a new pattern that I have had in my mind for a while now so watch this space :)
Hugs, Catherine x