Saturday, October 27, 2007

Meet Winky-Wonky!

Hi everyone, I've been a busy bee or should I say busy bear this week bringing to life this new character. I'd love you to meet Winky-Wonky a panda with a wonky set of markings! All the other pandas tease him that he is not a REAL panda, making him rather sad until ... you can read his whole story on my website-

He is available for adoption to a loving home, just send me an email if you would like to adopt him or would like to join my mailing list.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Glowing colours

We went for a walk in our local park at the weekend, with the sun shining all the Autumn colours were fantastic. It was a chilly but beautiful day, there was a couple in an open top rolls royce coming to the castle in the grounds for wedding photos, perfect surroundings for their special day. I hope you enjoy the photos. Thanks also to everyone for your congratulations for my bear's nomination for the Award. Have a good week, Catherine x

Friday, October 19, 2007

British Bear Artist Awards - Nominated!!

Yipeee, I've just had some wonderful news that one of my Bumpkin Bears has been nominated for the British Bear Artist Awards 2007. This is the first time that I entered this prestigious competition and I am delighted that Leo has been nominated amongst all the other amazing entries. Final judging will take place in the UK at the British Bear Fair in Hove on December 9th, so wish him luck on this exciting journey, he's a little nervous!

Leo likes to think that he is a bear with all the bravery and growl of a majestic lion! However in all honesty if you said "BOO!" he'd be the first to jump straight into your arms for safety!!

By the way if anyone wants to keep up to date with new Bumpkin Bears and special offers then send me an email or go to my website to join my mailing list.

Have a great weekend, Beary Hugs, Catherine x

Thursday, October 18, 2007

"It's ok to be different" a bear with a story..

All the other bear cubs laughed when they saw Wurzle, they all had pure brown sleak coats and here was this little bundle with a whole mix of beary colours. Of course poor little Wurzle didn't know why they were all laughing at him until he saw his reflection in the river. He felt so sad because he looked different, but his Mum picked him up and gave him the biggest bear hug ever. "You were born this way because you are my extra special boy".

Wurzle soon realised that looking this way had it's benefits, his coat worked great as camouflage amongst the Autumn leaves playing hide and seek! As he grew up he also realised that the girl cubs seemed to show him a lot of attention despite the boys teasing him, "those boys are just jealous because they all look the same, you hold your head up high" said his Mum "It's ok to be different my sweet" she said quietly as Wurzle fell asleep in her arms.

Often when I create my Bears I think of stories and this little guy just had to tell you his! He is one of a kind and 16" and made of a gorgeous mix of blonde, brown and toffee swirl mohairs!. He is available for adoption from my website - take a look

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ping-Ping looking for a special home

Here's Ping-Ping, he's a gentle chubby panda cub with a peaceful soul that loves nothing better than cuddling (well maybe Bamboo comes close!). He was named Ping-Ping because it means Peace, looking into his soulful eyes you just know that he will bring a loving calm to your heart and home.

He is made of the most incredible luxury silky soft faux fur in dark chocolate brown and ivory. He has the cutest hand sewn little panda pads on all paws with cute fur between. But he is a very ticklish little panda cub and will roll about in panda giggles if you try to tickle his paws!

He's looking for a special new home and all his adoption details can be found on my website in "The Bears" page-

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Original watercolours

I've been inspired to create some new Bumpkin Bears illustrations. These are the first in a range of Original watercolours of Pandas. They can be seen in my Etsy Store, just click on the link to the right here in my Blog. I've also just finished a new chubby panda, just waiting for some good natural daylight for photos. Watch this space!

Monday, October 8, 2007

I've been working on this Skunk for a few months now. He is a commissioned piece for a customer based in Japan. He is the first Skunk I have ever designed and sure was a challenge. He is created with high quality faux furs and is soooo soft, I gave him baby boy blue eyes which I hand painted. Now he is all carefully wrapped and ready for his journey to his new Mum!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Makes it all worthwhile..

Working as a bear artist can sometimes be a solitary job, but it is all made worthwhile by the joy that my bears bring to their new owners. Today I recieved a lovely email from a customer in California that just sums up why I love to bring to life my Bumpkin Bears.
"When Maxwell arrived I was so excited to open the box--and he is just beautiful. I am not just saying this--but he is my favorite bear. I love his little face and his hair--he's so adorable...So thank "you" for bringing smiles to everyone who is lucky enough to own one of your sweet little bears."

Monday, October 1, 2007

Autumn glow

Season's are changing in my garden with all the lovely rich colours being lit up by the treasured Autumn sun.

My fuchsia's are full of flowers and I wanted to share with you a nice way to display some of the flowers so you can really enjoy them. When they are hanging down you do not appreciate how beautiful they are inside. So snip them off and float them in a shallow bowl of water, they last quite a few days this way and look even prettier if you have a few floating candles amongst them.

Makes a pretty centre piece for your dining table. Let me know if you try this or have other ways you like to bring your garden into your home. Catherine x